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10 Hardest Shrines Stumping Players In Tears of the Kingdom

We have guides and locations for all 152 shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, but it’s been a long road for our experts to get here. Along the way, I noticed that some shrines received much more attention than others. These may be slightly closer to Lookout Landing or Hyrule Castle, and “early game” shrines, but they aren’t annoying, cryptic, or just for beginners. players. Below are the most searched shrines people are stumped on and how to beat them.

Mayachin Shrine: The Baseball One

(fixed device) Mayachin Shrine is probably the most hated shrine in TOTK. Mayachin’s Shrine is located in central Hyrule, so you may find it on your way to the nearby Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Inside you’ll find rolling balls, unmarked switches, and probably the never-before-seen zonai devices (stakes that can be placed anywhere). It’s hard to even see if you need to make a baseball bat here, and it’s hard to get the timing right, but the treasure chest bonus puzzle is really hard to figure out.

Temple of Oroquium: where you have to hit the laser

(Courage to fall) Most shrines tell you something, but the Oroquium shrine gives it all away. Were you avoiding lasers? In this shrine, you have to run headlong into them to fall through the floor into a secret room (the subtitle of the shrine is “The Courage to Fall,” see?). Worse, the edge of the shrine seems like an easy descent to the exit. Just don’t forget the sphere you need to bring, as everyone we know did.

Tenmanten Shrine What’s underneath is… somewhere

There are several shrines in caves underground, but Tenmanten Shrine is strictly inside a well. Whether you used our interactive map to get there or the shrine sensors were beeping like crazy, the entrance to the well has an unexpected twist. And oh yeah, there are two wells, one connected to a grate, through which you can look into the shrine. other side. Hmm.

Tada Rock Shrine: The one with metal, wood and ice

(fire and water) The Tada Rock Shrine is your unofficial assignment as a materials scientist. Not only do you have to rescue the cubes from destruction, but you also have to stack them up in a very clever way to finally reach the exit of the shrine. Additionally, many players stumble on the Ascension puzzle, which is fairly close to the starting area and was actually in the previous game’s starting area, the Great Plateau. It’s in a cave, so it’s a little hard to get to!

Makasura shrine: this one is hard to turn over

(upright device) If you wander east towards West Necruda, you’ll likely encounter the Makasura Shrine in Kakariko Village. Some Zonai devices try to stay upright when activated. Attach it to the platform and the upright tendencies will act as a catapult. However, it’s not really clear that that’s what’s going on in this shrine, so people go crazy here, especially how to get treasure chests containing Fairy Tonics.

Ishodag Shrine: You won’t be a fan

(windy equipment) The Ishodag shrine puzzle isn’t too hard once you’ve got a fan of everything in dozens of hours of gameplay, but it might not be too hard if you encountered it on your first trip to Rito village as part of the main story. I can’t. Get ready to put your puzzle creativity to the test. Special attention should be paid to attaching the fan to the platform and exposing the lower chest.

Jikuum Shrine in the gap between the railroad tracks

(built for rails) The Jukoum Shrine is a complete bafflement to many. I need to build a device that moves on a set of rails under the power of a fan. The final set of rails has a giant Tony Hawk level-like gap that you’ll need to build his perfect M-shaped device to clear.

Mayaumekis shrine – the one with the switch you don’t know about

(downward force) There is a lot to bounce and float at the Mayaumekis Shrine in the Hebra Sky, and these concepts are mostly hammered into the post-discovery events of this shrine, so how much you can do with bounce and float. can be very confusing to understand. floating. It also requires going through several bars and hitting switches, which leaves some players completely confused.

Kyougon Shrine, which cannot be found in the Great Plateau

(Circle Alignment) Let’s say you’re walking due south from Lookout Landing just to check in on the Great Plateau, and you briefly notice a shrine nearby (or you’re equipped with a shrine detector and it If you’re crazy) , you’ll naturally start by looking for a cave near the Spirit Forest. But it’s useless, because the Kyokugan Shrine is in a cave, but it’s in a cave at the foot of the Great Plateau. not on top. and covered with rocks. And in the shrine he has four spheres and a very obscure puzzle with lots of holes to put them in. Tip: Look up!

Examination Shrine – Where You Get Naked

Depending on which direction you go at the start of TOTK, you’ll come across a shrine to Sikhmin (proving ground: Flow), a shrine to Mayachidegh (proving ground: The Hunt), a shrine to Yutum (proving ground: Infiltration), oh, 5, maybe 6. There is a possibility. heart. That’s bad because at the start of these shrines everything but your health and stamina is stripped away. Of course all speedrunners love this challenge, but for most players he comes back with like 8 hearts to avoid being shot in the back with an electric arrow and having to start over completely. would be best. But if you have to prove yourself, as the challenge shows, you’ve got a guide to defeating your foes.

Shrines aren’t the only places people get stuck. Here are the most popular guides our experts have created for Tears of the Kingdom. We’ll start with the most exciting guide first. Confidential Section:

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