100+ Web3 Games nominated at inaugural GAM3 AWARDS hosted by Polkastarter Gaming

Polkastarter Gaming will host the first ever GAM3 AWARDS on December 15th, looking for the best web3 games across all genres and categories. The award will focus on a gameplay-first approach that highlights exciting new gameplay and item mechanics available through blockchain technology.

Web3 games may have taken off in 2021 with the rise of NFT-based games and the promise of high revenue, but the GAM3 AWARDS aim to reward Web3 games that excel in their core focus of video games. entertainment.

Awards are determined by a panel of expert judges, including Liam ‘Akiba’ Wright, Senior Journalist at CryptoSlate, and community categories dedicated to special categories such as People’s Choice and Best Content Creator. The main categories will be judged by 90% judges and 10% by the community.

gam3 award partner

An exciting aspect of the panel is the presence of several highly regarded judges, including Yoshihisa Hashimoto, who oversaw Sonic: Unleashed and Final Fantasy XIV Online, all-stars of the traditional gaming industry.

Other judges’ selections announced by Polkastarter Gaming include:

  • Sasuke Sarutobi, Head of Partnerships at YGG
  • Dan Patterson, General Partner at Sfermion
  • Brendan Wong, CEO of Avocado DAO
  • Jesper Lindquist, Web3 Gaming Senior Manager at Animoca Brands
  • Merit Circle co-founder and CEO Marco van den Heuvel
  • David Hanson, Founder and CEO of Ultra, said:
  • John Izaguirre, BD Director of BNB Chain
  • Naavik co-founder Abhimanyu Kumar
  • Nathan N., Co-founder of Ancient8

For those still skeptical about the ability of current web3 games to deliver compelling gameplay, check out Polkastarter Gaming’s announcement trailer below.

Prize winners will take home a share of a prize pool worth $300,000, including both strategic and financial rewards. Award Content His partner Justin Kan, founder of his Fractal, commented:

“We are delighted to partner with Polkastarter Gaming on this event.This is a true step in the right direction for the industry and a first for web3 games.”

Voting for the award will reportedly begin soon, polka starter gaming website. The award will be livestreamed on multiple platforms on December 15th, though a start time has yet to be announced.

gam3 award
GAM3 Award

A complete list of categories is provided below.

  • Game of the Year
  • most anticipated game
  • best graphics
  • best action game
  • best mobile game
  • best adventure game
  • best casual game
  • Best RPG
  • best shooting game
  • best strategy game
  • best card game
  • best multiplayer games
  • best esports games
  • best content creator
  • People’s Choice Award
  • Games Choice Awards

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