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15 Year Old Passive Cooler Keeps Intel Arc A380 Silent

Silent PC makers and enthusiasts, ‘Fully Silent PCs’ clearly New outdoor test build with passively cooled Intel Arc A380 graphics card. Apparently the setup was easy, the 15-year-old Arctic Accelero S1 passive cooler was mated with the Intel Arc PCB without any modifications or the use of special brackets.

Intel’s 75W TDP Arc A380 graphics card is nearing the limits of simple passive cooling, but I haven’t seen AIB sell such a product yet. The fastest passive graphics card available today is the Palit GeForce GTX 1650 KalmX. In gaming, the Arc A380 isn’t much better than his GTX 1650, but it does have some modern media encoding advantages that will make it appealing to content creators.

(Image credit: Totally Silent PC / Fanless Technology)

Silent PC allows your graphics card to Arctic Axel S1 (opens in new tab) “No modification required” heatsink. The Silent PC builder revealed that his 53mm-spaced mounting holes on the Intel graphics card PCB are perfectly aligned with the Arctic passive cooler, so no alignment bracket is needed.

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