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2K Hacked, Warns Affected Users to Change All Their Stored Passwords

Publisher 2K warns users not to open emails or click on links on their support page after confirming they have been hacked.

2K Support itself was compromised not only by impersonating accounts sending bogus emails, but also by hackers sending seemingly legitimate emails containing malicious links. As a result, 2K’s support website has been taken offline.

If you ever click on these links, 2K will immediately change any passwords stored in your web browser (such as Chrome AutoFill), install antivirus software, and, where possible, multi-factor We recommend enabling authentication and ensuring that your email account does not have any forwarding settings. Changed.

2K Support’s Twitter account, which remains safe, shared the news (above). “Today, it was discovered that an unauthorized third party had unauthorized access to the credentials of one of his vendors to the helpdesk platform 2K uses to provide support to its customers.

“An unauthorized party has sent a communication to one player that contains malicious links. Please do not open emails or click on links received from the 2K Games support account.”

The publisher also reminded users that it will never ask for passwords or other personal information and will announce when its website and email are safe to use again.

“We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may cause,” it added. “We appreciate the continued support and understanding from our player community.”

The past few days have been a very active period for cyberattacks. Rockstar Games has leaked around 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay after falling victim to a hack.2K and 2K share the same parent company, Take-Two Interactive. There is currently nothing to suggest that the two attacks are related.

Uber was also hacked by the same person who targeted Rockstar, and the company is currently working with the FBI and the US Department of Justice to investigate the matter. Elsewhere in the game, Blizzard was also hit with a breach, with over 40 minutes of his Diablo 4 gameplay exposed online.

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