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5 Tips for Surviving in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Hyrule is a beautiful landscape filled with unique puzzles and characters. But it is also full of dangers. If you’re not careful, you can easily stumble into a completely unprepared enemy camp and get wrecked. Sometimes it’s hard to stay alive in Tears of the Kingdom.

Luckily, the game has quite a few things that help Link survive. Read on for five helpful tips if you want to improve your combat prowess and survivability in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears. For more help, check out our complete guide with tips and tricks.

Prioritize finding shrines and increasing hearts

One of the most obvious ways to reduce your chances of dying is to acquire more heart containers. To achieve this, focus on finding as many shrine locations as possible and completing the puzzles within them. With enough Blessed Light to properly boost his health to a more reasonable level, Link should be able to take a few more hits without crumbling too soon.

You can also increase your stamina capacity, but it’s probably best to focus on heart expansion first. You can always supplement your stamina with food or elixirs if needed.

Get decent armor early

Another great way to increase your chances of survival is to find armor in Tears of the Kingdom that offers better protection than the Archaic set. You’ll discover different types of armor as you progress through the main story quests, but you should be able to find the Royal Guard’s uniform fairly early in Hyrule Castle.

There is an early quest called Crisis in Hyrule Castle that will get you closer to this armor. This provides an extra Defense of 4 to help greatly increase your survivability.

Take advantage of the fusion of shields and arrows

One of Link’s new abilities is great for directly improving his combat prowess. Fuses can turn even a simple stick into a decent weapon that can actually fight. However, it’s easy to forget that you can do more than melee weapon fusions. Adding additional features to your shield and arrows can greatly improve your combat abilities without being approached or personally approached.

For example, an arrow can be fused with Keese Eyes to create a homing arrow that can better hit distant targets. You can also fuse a shield with a flamethrower to create a flamethrower that blocks attacks. Rockets can also be fused into shields to enable quick escapes.

Craft the best recipes and elixirs

One of Link’s greatest advantages is the ability to create storms. Using the best recipes and elixirs will increase your attack power, defense power, and even temporarily increase your heart capacity. You’ll need to find the right ingredients and find the right combinations, but once you’ve found them, these meals and elixirs greatly increase your chances of surviving a tough encounter.

For guidance on what to make, check out our Tears of the Kingdom recipe guide and this handy list of elixirs.

Utilize the Ultra Hand in battle

The Ultra Hand is the first ability you get in Tears of the Kingdom and probably the most versatile. It is primarily used for solving puzzles and building machines, but it can also be used very effectively in combat. Similar to Breath of the Wild’s Magnesis ability, Ultra Hands can be used to lift heavy objects and drop them on enemies. Zonai devices can also be used to build some pretty devastating fighting machines.

Harnessing the Ultra Hand’s abilities in combat requires some upfront thought and strategy, but once you start incorporating it effectively, you should be able to take on stronger opponents without having to fight them directly.

Looking for more tips? Check out our full Tears of the Kingdom wiki guide, or dive deeper for suggestions on what to do first in the game.

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