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$60 DIY Raspberry Pi NAS Kit Offers SATA, Impressive Cooling

People kicking themselves for missing Argon EON (opens in new tab) Here’s another chance to hop on a DIY Raspberry Pi while it’s still on Kickstarter. (opens in new tab) Powering the NAS train, as reported by 52Pi revealed a mini-tower NAS kit. Relipting (opens in new tab).

(Image credit: 52Pi)

However, the tower only accepts a single M.2 SSD (SATA, up to 2TB) connected via a USB bridge, so while the 3D printed case has more Pi than storage, the Raspberry Pi 4 teeth (opens in new tab) The board itself is cooled by an ICE Tower HSF cooler. This looks like something to put on his one of the best CPUs for gaming. (opens in new tab) Not a quad-core Arm chip.

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