A new blockchain search engine Ora emerges from Solana hackathon

A new blockchain search engine called Ora Emerging from Solana’s summer camp hackathon, it brings blockchain technology to non-technical users by allowing non-technical users to search for data on the chain using natural language.

The team announced the launch of the new search engine on August 18, explaining that users will be able to search for complex queries using natural language, such as:

“Show me all successful Jupiter Exchange swaps between 42 SOL and 420 SOL from 2 days ago”

This simple statement tells Ora to filter transactions by time range, destination or sending address, and amount. Understanding the need, Ora sorts the transactions by balance and gives the user a summary of what the user requested.

What problem does Ora solve?

Knowledge of SQL is required to search transaction data on the chain. The project team realized that the SQL Search Dashboard was designed for technical users.

As the use of crypto spreads beyond the tech savvy, the Ora team decided to provide a tool that allows regular users to perform SQL searches on on-chain data.

The team aimed to provide a Google-like experience for all cryptocurrency users. At the same time as announcing the launch of Ora, the project team Quote Several individuals and companies pondered the idea of โ€‹โ€‹a crypto search engine.

The project team describes Ora as: “Complementary to existing infrastructure” And Ora says it’s already integrated with Solana’s block explorer.

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