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A Pair of Obscure Sega Games Are Being Adapted Into Movies

SEGA’s Comix Zone and Space Channel 5 are making their own movies.

A pair of obscure Sega titles are being developed into a movie by PictureStart, the production company behind the upcoming Borderlands movie. It looks like Sega is going all out with these obscure titles.

Sega Vice President and Co-COO Shuji Utsumi will direct both films, with Toru Nakahara, producer of the recent Sonic the Hedgehog film, joining as Executive Producer.

Comix Zone was a cult classic for SEGA Genesis — a side-scrolling adventure featuring comic book artist Sketch Turner, who is pulled into his unfinished comic book by the villain he created. The next movie follows a similar thread.

“Comix Zone is an adaptation of the cult console game that has influenced so many over the years, and it brings together a weary comic book creator and the final issue of a popular series. It follows a young queer writer of color when it comes time to set aside their differences to stop a dangerous supervillain from sowing the seeds of utter destruction.

Growing up in the 90’s with a passion for comics, Comix Zone is one of my favorite games. I’ve pretty much run out of the game’s gnarly soundtrack — a free CD recorded by Howard Drossin as the real-life version of the band of comic book creators in the game.

Space Channel 5 was released on the Dreamcast in 2002 and follows Urara, a reporter who worked for a well-known news channel, reporting on the events of an alien invasion while trying to repel the invaders themselves… All through the medium of dance.

Quite a selection for film adaptation.

“A comedy/dance adaptation of the 1999 cult dance game, Space Channel 5 is about an ill-fated character hired by a Freedom Reporter from the future to use something to save the world from aliens. It’s the story of a fast food worker that unites all people on the planet: our love for silly viral dancing.

All video game adaptations coming to Netflix

But there is one big question that really needs to be answered. why now?

Even as a hardcore Comics Zone fan, I can’t help but think. Whether or not the film finds an audience remains to be seen. Still, the idea of ​​Sketch Turner tearing up the pages of his own comic book on the big screen is an exciting prospect.

For me, at least.

Comix Zone will be written by Mae Catt and Space Channel 5 will be written by Barry Battles and Nir Paniry.

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