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A Space For The Unbound Delayed Indefinitely as Developers and Publisher Fight Over Funding

Upcoming slice-of-life game A Space for the Unbound has been postponed indefinitely after its developers, Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio, terminated their deal with publisher PQube following a funding dispute.

The Indonesia-based developer released a statement on August 24th, claiming it was exploited and manipulated by PQube. PQube allegedly withheld a third-party diversity grant given to the studio and used it as leverage to increase its revenue share.

However, PQube denied these allegations, telling IGN that it fully respected the publishing agreement and that Toge Productions tried to enforce unreasonable revised terms.

Statement from Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio “Earlier this year, PQube Games, the UK-based publisher that signed on for the console publishing of A Space For The Unbound for the Western region, did certain things that made them feel manipulated and exploited. I had to terminate my contract with them.

“At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, PQube Games leveraged its status and heritage as an Indonesian developer to acquire a diversity fund from a well-known console platform. The fund was a grant fund intended to help underrepresented game developers, especially during the pandemic.

“However, instead of providing developers with these funds as the grant was intended, PQube Games intentionally withheld information about the grant and used it as leverage for their own commercial gain. Instead of paying us for the subsidy, PQube Games looked at the facts of the subsidy award, added it as a minimum collectible guarantee, and used it to negotiate an increased revenue share. .”

“We must stand up to exploitative publishers and speak up to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

The studio said it was “completely heartbroken” over the matter and that it “clearly cannot trust or continue to work with PQube Games.” Publishers are “pretty much lacking not only reasonable decency, but their duty to us because of these predatory practices. Stand up to exploitative publishers and speak up about this.” , we need to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again in the future,” they said.

However, PQube’s response issued to IGN denied the studio’s allegations. “We have honored all our obligations in our publishing agreement and have supported Toge Productions at every stage of product development, during delays and difficulties.”

“This support includes funding grants, plus much more, to support development, porting, and marketing. have sought to unilaterally impose unreasonable revision conditions on We will respond through various channels.”

Screens – Spaces for the Unbound

The rest of the impact between PQube and the developers may happen behind closed doors, but given their desire to have a say in the matter, it’s likely that more will come in the future.Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio We’re also looking for a new publisher for a western console version of A Space For The Unbound, but they haven’t indicated that they have plans for that at this time.

A Space For the Unbound was first announced in 2020 and promises to be a relaxed, story-driven game set in late 90’s Indonesia. It traces the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers and features themes surrounding anxiety and depression.

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