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Acer’s First AMD GPU, the Predator BiFrost RX 7600, Arrives for $274

Acer has entered the graphics card market squarely, so don’t be surprised if the brand starts releasing some of the best graphics cards out there. Having expressed interest in manufacturing Nvidia and AMD graphics cards at Computex 2023, Acer has launched his first AMD Radeon graphics card in the form of a custom Radeon RX 7600.

The Predator BiFrost Radeon RX 7600 utilizes the same BiFrost cooler as the Arc A770 or Arc A750 models. A blower-style cooling solution consists of a vapor chamber that transfers heat to a heatsink, and two different sized cooling fans dissipate heat inside the case. The blower-style fan is 70mm larger and sits in the middle of the graphics card, while the larger 92mm axial fan sits in the rear. The design looks a little quirky, but it works well enough. The cooler properly cools the Arc A770, which is a 225W GPU, so the Radeon RX 7600 with its 60W lower TDP should be fine.

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