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Activision Blizzard Chief Compliance Officer Frances Townsend Has Stepped Down

Activision Blizzard’s chief compliance officer, Frances Townsend, who was previously criticized for her actions following news of the company’s sexual harassment lawsuit, has resigned from her role at the company, replacing its board of directors and CEO Bobby Kotick. serve as an advisor to

As reported by bloomberg, Townsend chose to step down ahead of the $68.7 billion deal in which Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard and a number of iconic franchises including Call of Duty, Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and more.

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As mentioned above, Townsend was criticized by Activision Blizzard employees and others for her actions after it was made public that a lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard was filed for alleged “flat boy culture” and sexual harassment. criticized.

After news of the lawsuit broke, Townsend called the allegations “distorted” and “false.” She said her statement “was made following her lawyer’s guidance on wording, and the end result no longer sounds like her voice,” but has since made a statement on her personal social media account. tweeted a link to an article titled “Whistleblowing Issues.” After these events, Townsend resigned from her ABK Women’s Network executive her sponsorship.

Townsend also served as executive vice president of corporate affairs for two years prior to his decision to step down.

“Fran did a truly extraordinary job, actually doing four jobs, increasing responsibilities and demonstrating the most exemplary work ethic,” Kotik said in an email shared with Bloomberg News. . “Fran has also done an excellent job of reinforcing a strong governance and compliance program across the company.”

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