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AeroCool Skribble Case Invites PC DIYers to Create Some Art

The choice of PC cases to choose from in 2022 is quite wide and comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. However, some people are never satisfied with ready-made designs and want to customize them to express their individuality and artistry.One step forward Aerocool Scribble case It features a “drawable tempered glass front and side panel.” The box also includes a liquid chalk marker and a wiper so you can start over if things go terribly wrong. To be clear, this is a “casual” PC case customization option, aimed at this segment and not the thriving PC case modding community.

If you’re more of a scribbler than Degas, the AeroCool Skribble Case lets you decorate your PC right out of the box. Using the aforementioned drawable glass panel (slightly textured?) and markers, you can freehand create or duplicate the design of the front and left side panels. trace design. His AeroCool information on whether there’s anything special about the tempered glass surface or markers is pretty scant.

In terms of appearance, the AeroCool Skribble Case has a boxy ATX mid-tower design with fairly typical dimensions of 210 x 453 x 441 mm. At the top front of the top of the case are the power and reset switches, LED control buttons, 2 x USB 3.0, HD audio and microphone ports, and the power button. Sadly, even though it’s 2022, there’s no USB-C on the front panel.

(Image credit: AeroCool)

Beneath the windshield is a perforated SECC panel that is said to provide “increased airflow.” It’s a bit far from the opaque glass, but it’s better than no front vent at all.

Skribble allows users to connect and control up to 6 addressable RGB fans using a 6-port ARGB control hub. The box includes one 120mm ARGB PWM controlled fan. In total, users can install up to 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2 fans in the front, 120mm x 2 or 140mm x 2 in the top, and 120mm x 1 in the rear (included).

For liquid cooling, buyers have the option of 120/240/280/360mm radiators in the front, up to 120/240mm radiators in the top, and 120mm radiators in the back. I’m not suggesting that you put the radiator in front. The top is the preferred location. A removable dust filter is provided.

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