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AGESA Fixes Temp Control Issues Causing Ryzen 7000 Burnouts

Igor’s laboratory report AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 burnout firmware fix, AGESA ComboAM5 patch, addresses an additional bug with Ryzen 7000’s temperature control system. A new combo patch sets the forced SoC voltage limit to 1.3v and packs a new SMU bug fix to keep the processor from exceeding thermal specs.

AMD hasn’t given any specific details about this issue, but apparently there are optimization issues (in previous AGESA microcode updates) surrounding the temperature control system within the SMUs of Ryzen 7000, and TJmax ( That is, the chip did not work properly when it reached that temperature. sealing). We don’t know the extent of the potential damage this caused, but it’s highly likely that this SMU bug of his in conjunction with dangerous SoC voltages caused him to burn out his Ryzen 7000.

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