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AI Tools Take Chip Design Industry by Storm: 200+ Chips Tape Out

As chip design costs rise and development times lengthen, chip designers such as AMD are turning to AI to optimize spend and speed time to market. To date, over 200 chip designs placed and routed using the Synopsys electronic design automation (EDA) software suite have been scrapped to tape, and the number is growing rapidly.

“By the end of 2022, there will be 100 AI-driven commercial tapeouts, including nine of the top 10 semiconductor vendors, with rapid adoption,” said Aalto J. de Jus, chef executive at Synopsys. We’re making progress,” he said at a recent earnings call. Phone (via) Yahoo!finance). “Today, that number is well over 200 and continues to grow at a very rapid rate as the industry widely adopts AI in Synopsys designs.”

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