Alameda liquidators hit with liquidation for second time in 3 days

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According to Arkham Intelligence, in light of recent market movements, Alameda Research’s liquidators have gone through their second liquidation in three days.

Alameda Liquidators have written off $15,000 of Curb DAO Token (CRV) debt on Jan. 14 and acquired approximately $17,600 of collateral in exchange for 0.83 wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Alameda still holds a CRV deficit position of $16,500, collateralized by $23,000 of WBTC. Arkham Intelligence.

2nd liquidation in 3 days

After the loss of approximately $1.7 million in funds through a hacker-favorite mixer on Dec. 28, 2022, Alameda liquidators announced an on-chain move to move assets to a more secure multi-signature wallet. forced to be active.

Arkham Analysis Despite Alameda Liquidators’ Best Efforts to Secure All Funds clearly That “significant seven-figure and eight-figure capital” was left in Alameda’s wallet.

“At wallet 0x712, the liquidator attempted to remove assets from the DeFi protocol borrowing position [Aave].

Rather than pay off the debt and close the position, the liquidator chose to remove all excess collateral, putting the position at risk of liquidation. “

In doing so, Alameda Liquidators would trigger the liquidation of approximately 4 WBTCs ($72,000 worth) in addition to penalties deducted from the liquidated collateral when they forcefully closed AAVE positions in their wallets. I was.

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