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Alan Wake Voice Actor Says Alan Wake 2 Is ‘Supposed to Come Out in October’

“Alan Wake” voice actor Matthew Poretta, who appeared in “Monsters, Madness, Magic,” said that “Alan Wake 2” is “scheduled to come out in October.”

We know Alan Wake 2 has a 2023 release date, but Polletta may have narrowed that window down to around 16:37 of the latest episode. Monsters, madness, and magic.

“I’ve been working on Alan Wake 2. It’s coming out in October. It’s in the middle of production right now. I actually just went to Finland last week,” Poretta said. Where the company comes from… relief, they are great people. ”

Please note that this is not an official announcement and may not match the exact release date planned by Alan Wake 2 developer Remedy Entertainment. It also doesn’t take into account any last-minute delays that Polletta may not be aware of.

This story is very similar to the March 2023 story. Spider-Man 2 voice actor Tony Todd, who is voicing Venom in the upcoming sequel, has revealed that the highly anticipated game will be released in September.

Alan Wake 2 was officially announced at The Game Awards 2021 and is touted as Remedy’s “first survival horror game.” If the 2023 release date is kept, the sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake will come out 13 years after the original.

For more, check out IGN’s exclusive interview with Remedy Games Writer and Creative Director Sam Lake. Alan Wake 2 discusses how the sequel will be “his most beautiful Remedy game ever,” and who will join Poretta in the game’s cast.

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