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Alleged Intel Arc A580 Shows Odd Performance in Ashes of the Singularity

The first benchmark results for the Intel Arc A580 RI (not sure what “RI” means) have been added to the Ashes of the Singularity database. This comes just hours after Intel released specifications for its upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards, including the mid-range Arc A580. This card should take on the mid-range GPUs in the GPU benchmark tier and could even replace one of the best. A graphics card, if priced appropriately.

Testing unreleased hardware is always difficult because the drivers may not be optimized and software tweaks may be required. But these Arc A580 performance numbers raise more questions than answers. The main question is whether the published results were actually obtained on the Arc A580 and whether they were running the final clocks and decent drivers.

@benchleaks Found 4 “Intel Arc A580 Graphics RI” benchmark results in AOTS database1, 2, 3, Four) obtained on a system based on an unreleased Intel 16-thread processor with a default clock rate of 2.50 GHz (and an unknown turbo frequency) and 16 GB of memory. Results were obtained with the Min_1080p preset. Comparing leaked results for Intel’s upcoming mid-range Arc A580 graphics board with Intel’s own test results for Arc A380, and results from Nvidia’s entry-level graphics card from his AOTS database. I made it

Note that some of the Arc A580 results were obtained using the DirectX 11 renderer and some using the DirectX 12 renderer. AOTS DX11 results are hardly worth considering given that Intel openly admitted that they did not optimize their discrete GPU drivers for the DirectX 11 application programming interface. Meanwhile, to show the difference, I’ve added the best Arc A580 results with the DX11 and DX12 renderers to the table.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Singularity Ashes — Min_1080p Preset
GPUs CPU Direct X 12 Direct X 11
Ark A580 unknown 2.5GHz 68.6 30.6
Ark A380 i9-12900K (Toms) 84.3 58.8
GTX1650 i9-12900K (Toms) 86.9 87.5
RTX3050 i9-12900K (Toms) 140.9 130.6
RX6400 i9-12900K (Toms) 91.2 93.2
RX6600 i9-12900K (Toms) 154.9 131.8

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