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Alleged Nvidia 4090 Cards Appear in EEC Listing

Ann EEC list (opens in new tab) – A list of products proposed for sale in the Eurasian Economic Commission region (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia) has emerged, detailing potential Gigabyte Nvidia GPUs (all 4090) . (opens in new tab) model.

(Image credit: EEC)

These lists are displayed from time (opens in new tab) in time (opens in new tab)and should not be construed as a definitive list of what Gigabyte intends to sell in any particular region. These lists now have more gigabytes to cover that base, so you won’t have to fill out any additional paperwork later. This is because product listing is a pre-sale requirement in the EEA. Still, it gives us a vague idea of ​​what the upcoming wave of top-end cards from one manufacturer might look like.

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