Amazon NFT marketplace to launch this month

According to Web3 enthusiasts and irreplaceable collectors, Amazon plans to launch an NFT marketplace by May 15th. Moritz.

Amazon remains tight-lipped

The world’s largest online retailer has remained tight-lipped on the matter and has not made any official statements regarding the rumors.

Details of the Amazon NFT Marketplace were first revealed by Blockworks in January. The platform says it will focus on blockchain games and related in-game NFT collections.

Other outlets have since added details. Yahoo Finance (YF) linked non-fungibles to physical products for delivery and mentioned trading 15 collections by launch date.

YF also says Amazon accounts can act as NFT wallets, thus avoiding the need for dedicated crypto wallets like MetaMask. If true, the move shows that the focus is more on novice collectors than those already familiar with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

crypto slate We reached out to Amazon for comment. At press time, there was no response.

Other Rumors

Moritz admitted that the lack of official details is pervasive — namely, “nothing is 100% confirmed yetHowever, he collated information and put together a comprehensive thread on what to expect.

He said you can pay for NFTs using standard payment methods like any other Amazon purchase. Similarly, as mentioned above, NFTs can be stored in the user’s girlfriend’s Amazon account.

No technical know-how about blockchain or self-custody wallets is required. All you need is an Amazon account.

He also claimed that Amazon has launched its own private blockchain, interoperable with Ethereum, Avalanche, and Chainlink, and has plans to integrate more blockchains in the future.

The platform first launched in the United States,Amazon Digital Marketplace” However, a global rollout is planned eventually.

Comparing Coinbase’s 9 million monthly active users to Amazon’s 197 million, we surmised that Amazon would be more likely to succeed with NFTs than Coinbase.

Amazon is not alone [sic] There are far more users, but also a completely different audience.

It also comes with solutions that greatly improve the user experience (most people don’t want self-management).

Despite Moritz’s prediction that the Amazon Digital Marketplace will be a slow start, he sees the venture as an important milestone for the cryptocurrency industry, calling it “a big step for our sector.”

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