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AMD 4th-Gen EPYC Genoa 9654, 9554, and 9374F Review: 96 Cores, Zen 4 and 5nm Disrupt the Data Center

AMD’s 4th Gen EPYC Genoa processors are the industry’s first 5nm x86 CPUs for the data center, spearheaded by the flagship 96-core 192-thread EPYC 9654. The $11,805 EPYC 9654 packs an unprecedented amount of compute into slim server designs (up to 192 cores and 384 threads). Additionally, AMD delivers up to 30% more performance per core in both integer and floating point operations than Intel’s Ice due to various advances such as a 14% increase in IPC from the Zen 4 architecture and improved power delivery. said to improve. lake. This is even more impressive due to the core count advantage. Top-of-the-line Genoa processors include Twice 60% more core count than the Ice Lake Xeons and the rumored peak of 60 cores for the yet-to-be-released Sapphire Rapids.

The 9004-series Genoa chips also feature the latest connectivity technology, including support for up to 384MB of L3 cache and up to 6TB of memory across 12 channels of DDR5, 128 lanes of PCIe 5.0, and CXL 1.1+ . Among them, Intel’s Ice Lake product stack is 40-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 At $9,400, it looks pretty dated. Sapphire Rapids is loaded with advanced connectivity technology, with a host of built-in accelerators, making it a true competitor to Genoa. However, it won’t arrive until January 2023.

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