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AMD Allegedly Testing Hybrid Processor with Zen 4 and 4c Cores

An unannounced AMD processor identified as Family 25 Model 120 Stepping 0 recently Milky Way @ Home database. A CPU can process 12 threads simultaneously, and CPU Expert @InstLatX64 believes this is AMD’s codenamed Phoenix 2 processor, featuring two high-performance Zen 4 cores and four energy-efficient Zen 4c cores.

AMD Eng sample processor marked 100-000000931-21_N [Family 25 Model 120 Stepping 0] has 12 logical cores (that is, 6 physical cores with simultaneous multithreading) and reports about 1MB of cache. This listing by itself does not prove that we are dealing with AMD’s hybrid Phoenix 2 processors with core configs like Big.Little, but his 6 physical/12 logical cores with an unknown CPU are , suggesting that this may match the rumors.

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