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AMD Announces Ryzen 7000 Reveal Livestream for August 29th

In a brief press release sent out this morning, AMD announced that the long-awaited Ryzen 7000 announcement will be live-streamed later this month. At an event called “together we Advance_PCs,” AMD discussed its upcoming Ryzen 7000 series processors, as well as the underlying Zen 4 architecture and associated AM5 platform, leading to AMD’s planned fall launch of the Ryzen 7000 platform. Lay the foundation first.The event is scheduled to start on August 29thth CEO Dr. Lisa Su and CTO Mark Papermaster will be in attendance at 7:00 PM ET (23:00 UTC).

AMD first announced the Ryzen 7000 platform and branding at Computex 2022 and provided some pretty high-level details about its upcoming consumer processor platform while stating that it will launch in the fall. Featuring up to 16 Zen 4 cores using TSMC’s optimized 5nm manufacturing process for the core complex die (CCD) and TSMC’s 6nm process for the I/O die (IOD). increase. AMD hasn’t revealed much about the Zen 4 architecture itself, but Computex’s presentation indicates a few percent increase in IPC and an additional few percent increase in peak clock speeds is expected. -Threaded performance.

The Ryzen 7000 series is also notable for being the first chiplet-based CPU from AMD to integrate a GPU. In this case the GPU is built into his IOD. A modest GPU will allow AMD’s CPUs to provide their own graphics, eliminating the need to use a discrete GPU just to boot the system, providing plenty of performance for basic desktop work is expected.

AMD desktop CPU generation
anand tech Raizen 7000
Risen 5000
Raisen 3000
CPU architecture Zen 4 Zen 3 Zen 2
CPU core Up to 16C/32T Up to 16C/32T Up to 16C/32T
GPU architecture RDNA2 none none
GPU core to be decided none none
memory DDR5 DDR4 DDR4
platform AM5 AM4 AM4
CPU PCIe lane 24x PCIe 5.0 24x PCIe 4.0 24x PCIe 4.0
manufacturing process CCD: TSMC N5
IOD: GloFo 12nm
IOD: GloFo 12nm

The new CPU family will also come with a new socket and motherboard platform that AMD calls AM5. AMD’s first significant socket update in six years introduces a number of changes and new features, including a switch to an LGA-style socket (LGA1718) and support for DDR5 memory. The backend for AM5 will be provided by AMD’s 600 series chipsets, with AMD planning to release both enthusiast and mainstream chipsets. PCIe 5.0 will also be supported by the platform, but is not a mandatory motherboard feature in order to keep motherboard prices down.

The remaining major disclosures AMD has not made (expected at the next event) are information about the Zen 4 architecture itself and specific Ryzen 7000 SKUs. Pricing information may not be on the cards (the industry has become more inclined to announce prices at the last minute), but at least we have an idea of ​​how many cores to expect in various SKUs and where to find them. need to do it. Due to AM5’s higher power limit, the official TDP will be placed in this generation.

Meanwhile, AMD’s press release doesn’t say whether the presentation will be recorded or live. Like most tech companies, AMD switched to pre-recorded presentations due to his COVID-19 outbreak. This pays dividends in the form of brighter, more focused presentations with higher production value. While relatively insignificant in the big picture, it will be interesting to see if AMD returns to live presentations for consumer product announcements like this one.

In any case, more details will be revealed during AMD’s broadcast.The presentation is scheduled to air on August 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time AMD’s YouTube ChannelAnd of course, for a full rundown and analysis of AMD’s announcement, check out AnandTech.

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