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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution V2.1 Improves Ghosting, Temporal Stability

AMD announced the immediate availability of version 2.1 of its popular FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) algorithm. GPU openbringing an even bigger edge to the fight against Nvidia’s proprietary DLSS technology. Version 2.1 of FSR has many performance and visual quality improvements Added to the FSR 2.0 package to improve some of the more obvious issues such as ghosting and shimmering (an artifact of time-based solutions that refer to previous frames to reconstruct later frames).

The new update has already been rolled out with the latest version of Farming Simulator released earlier this week, and AMD has shared some screenshots showing the implementation differences. Improvements in ghosting, one of the more common problems in the new era of temporal supersampling, are immediately apparent.

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