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AMD Genoa-X 96-Core CPU With 1.1 GB of L3 Cache Listed For $1,300 on Grey Market

AMD’s EPYC Genoa-X server processors with 3D V-Cache are expected to arrive later this year. A purported engineering sample (ES) of the EPYC 9684X he put up for sale on a Chinese pre-sale platform for $1,300.of Goofish (opens in new tab) The seller claims the processor uses 96 cores and 1,152MB of L3 cache.

Powered by TSMC’s 5nm process node, Genoa-X is the follow-up to AMD’s previous EPYC Milan-X chips. Upcoming Genoa-X chips will continue to leverage AMD’s Zen 4 cores just like the vanilla Genoa parts, topping out at 96 cores and 192 threads. The implementation boosts Genoa-X’s L3 cache to over 1GB.

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