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AMD Now Powers 121 of the World’s Fastest Supercomputers

of top 500 The list of the world’s fastest supercomputers was released today, and AMD continues its impressive run with 121 systems now powered by AMD silicon. This is a 29% increase over the previous year. In addition, AMD continues to hold the number one position in the Top 500 for Frontier supercomputers, and test and development systems based on the same architecture continue to hold the number two spot for power efficiency metrics on the Green 500 list. Overall, AMD is also featured in 7 of the top 10 systems on the Green 500 list.

Powered by AMD, Frontier remains the only fully certified exascale-class supercomputer on the planet. 2 exaflops Aurora with Intel Despite years of delay, no benchmark results have yet been submitted. In contrast, Frontier is now fully operational and used by researchers in numerous scientific workloads.

In fact, Frontier keeps getting better with tuning. The system entered the Top 500 list with a performance of 1.02 exaflops in June 2022, and now he is up 17% to 1.194 exaflops. This is a significant increase from the same 8,699,904 CPU cores at debut. Incidentally, the 92 petaflops of performance added by tuning represents the same amount of computing power as the entire Perlmutter system, which ranks eighth in the top 500.

Retaining the top spot on the Top 500 is an important milestone, but many other AMD-powered systems are also high on the list. Supercomputers with AMD CPUs continue to hold four of the top ten spots, with Intel and IBM leading the way. 2 out of the top 10 each. AMD also powers 12 of the top 20 fastest systems in the world.

Intel CPUs still dominate the list, with more total systems in the top 500 than AMD. However, AMD continues to grow its share, with 21 of the 44 new systems on the list last year featuring AMD silicon.

Frontier also ranks #1 globally on the HLP-MxP benchmark, a measure of HPC and AI performance on mixed precision workloads, with 9.95 exaflops (improved from its previous score of 7.9 exaflops). Meanwhile, the AMD-powered LUMI supercomputer maintains his second spot with 2.2 exaflops.

Frontier also came second with 14.05 HPCG-Pflops in the HPCG benchmark, which focuses more on system-level performance than Linpack. His AMD-powered LUMI came second with his 3.41 HPCG-Pflops, while Fugaku held onto the top spot with his 16 HPCG-Pflops.

AMD’s Continuing Top 500, Green 500, HPCG, and HLP-MXP Benchmarks, and AMD’s Share of New Systems Shows Its CPUs Outperform Competitors From Intel I’m highlighting that. As we’ve seen repeatedly, the Top 500 trends and technologies tend to spill over into the broader data center market, painting a promising picture for AMD’s EPYC server his chips in the year ahead. increase.

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