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AMD ROCm Comes To Windows On Consumer GPUs

AMD (opens in new tab) shared two big pieces of news for the ROCm community. Not only is the ROCm SDK coming to Windows, but AMD has extended support to the company’s consumer Radeon product, one of his best graphics cards. Of course, there are some small compromises, but the owner of his Radeon graphics card in the mainstream decided to upgrade the AMD ROCm (5.6.0 Alpha), a software stack that was previously only available on professional graphics cards. you can try.

AMD introduced the Radeon Open Compute Ecosystem (ROCm) in 2016 as an open source alternative to Nvidia’s CUDA platform. ROCm will support AMD’s CDNA and RDNA GPU architectures, but the list has been narrowed down to a select number of SKUs from AMD’s Instinct and Radeon Pro lineup. An AMD graphics card owner can get his other SKUs working, but often only to a limited extent.

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