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AMD Says Delayed 7040HS ‘Phoenix’ Laptop CPUs Are Now Shipping to OEMs

(Image credit: AMD)

AMD announced last month that it would ship those processors in April after missing the original ship date for its flagship Ryzen 7040HS laptop processors, also known as the ‘Phoenix’ series. I haven’t seen a Phoenix chip on the retail market. Today, I had the opportunity to reach out to AMD for comment. A company rep said the company’s initial statement referred to a schedule for shipping the chips to his OEM, which delivers the finished system to retailers. AMD says this is already well underway.

“Ryzen 7040 series production started [chips]Our OEM partners have started shipping these systems. Mainly the 7040HS system. So these should hit stores and retailers over the next few weeks. We started shipping last quarter and these systems should be available in the coming weeks. ” — AMD Rep tom’s hardware.

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