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AMD Shares Fix for Ryzen Burnout Failures, New BIOSes Coming (Updated)

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AMD has released a second statement on the issues surrounding its Ryzen 7000 processors. The company says it plans to limit the SoC voltage to fix an issue where excessive voltage causes Ryzen chips to partially melt. The damaged chip swelled and overheated, not only removing the solder, but also severely damaging the motherboard it was attached to. Here is the full text:

“We have identified the cause of the issue and have already implemented a new AGESA that prevents the CPU from operating beyond its specification limits, including taking measures on certain power rails on AM5 motherboards to limit the SOC voltage to 1.3V. None of these, this change affects the ability of Ryzen 7000 series processors to overclock memory using EXPO or XMP kits, or use PBO technology to boost performance. increase.

All ODM partners are expected to release new BIOS for their AM5 boards in the next few days. All users are advised to check their motherboard manufacturer’s website and update their BIOS to ensure their system has the latest software for their processor.

If your CPU may have been affected by this issue, please contact us AMD Customer SupportOur customer service team is aware of the situation and is prioritizing these cases. — His AMD representative at Tom’s Hardware.

AMD’s new statement, based on information it provided when it first acknowledged the problem, says it will ensure its ODM partners (motherboard makers) supply the correct voltages for their Ryzen processors.

As pointed out in the first post, failures have been reported on both specialized Ryzen 7000X3D models and standard Ryzen 7000 models. However, AMD’s initial statement only mentioned the 7000X3D variant. This statement does not specify which CPUs are affected, so it should be considered a blanket statement for all Ryzen 7000 and 7000X3D series processors at this time.

AMD now provides AGESA updates to their ODMs, which are the building blocks of the motherboard BIOS firmware distributed by motherboard vendors. AMD says users should check for firmware updates on their motherboards in the next few days. AMD’s statement mirrors a press release stating that all motherboard manufacturers will issue new firmware to fix the issue.

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