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AMD’s A620 Chipset Quietly Arrives Without Full Support for 65W-Plus CPUs

(Image credit: AMD)

AMD interestingly took a low-key approach to launching its value-centric A620 motherboards, hiding details of its A620 announcement late Friday night, but the company finally revealed full details about the new range. and the slide deck shared with us of the worthy motherboard. To keep the price down, the motherboard will not support the full range of Ryzen 7000 processors at full power levels. These boards do away with some features of the more expensive AM5 motherboards, such as overclocking and high-speed USB connectivity, in exchange for a lower price.

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 lineup currently tops the list of best CPUs for gaming, but the supporting AM5 motherboard platform and required DDR5 memory have earned it a reputation for being priced very high. We recently ran a promotion with up to $125 off chips, motherboards and memory purchases, which ended today.

This would lead to a timely release of AMD’s budget A620 platform with at least one motherboard priced at $85, although early signs point to some new boards priced above $100. Unfortunately, that means the entire A620 lineup is likely to be more expensive than expected.

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