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Among Us VR knew what was so special about Innersloth’s murder mystery game when it launched in 2018, sending 10 people to a spaceship while two impostors tried to kill them all. Resulted in endless antics of placing inside. This ground-up VR remake is a fresh take on the premise of bringing back that suspense while introducing exciting new dynamics. The missing features may be disappointing, but it’s a great time to be here, and he’s one of the best VR games of the year so far.

Among Us VR’s sophisticated gameplay cannot be overstated. Schell Games has successfully adapted it for virtual reality. The cel-shaded 3D art style has proven to be very effective and the switch to first-person gameplay is natural. Walking around a recreation of The Skeld spaceship map and using the motion controls to perform tasks feels much more immersive, fueling the engines with a manual pump and priming the shields by touching the screen is an It’s more intuitive than using a gamepad or mouse and keyboard. Movement is perfectly smooth and controlled by thumbsticks, so you can play comfortably while standing or sitting. There’s no teleportation, but if you’re worried about motion sickness, there are optional blinds to reduce the risk of nausea, and the camera snaps his turning.

Among Us VR faithfully recreates the original template and once again divides us into Crewmates and Impostors. In online matches of 4 to 10 players, Crewmates must complete multiple randomly assigned tasks across the Skeld. Some tasks aren’t particularly exciting, such as waiting for data transfers, but the real joy lies in the social he gameplay that surrounds it. Still, there are some new tasks that make creative use of VR. The control room has a new retinal scanner that needs to sit still for a while. It’s not that exciting, but MedBay’s whack-a-mole minigame is fun.

Red lights blaring during sabotage add to the sense of panic.

However, as an imposter, your only goal is to convince everyone that you’re just another crew member, even if you’re trying to get away with killing other crew members unfairly. There are many creative avenues for murder, such as causing blackouts or causing blackouts (I know crooks can see in the dark). You can get bigger by sabotaging your ship by provoking it. This is an instant win if the crew leaves it unrepaired for too long.

When the corpse is discovered, an emergency meeting is started and the real game of tricks and detectives begins. If you’re a real Crewmate, whatever suspicious activity you may have witnessed, you need to find out who the crooks are using and decide who you can trust. If so, you’re trying to claim your innocence, hold others accountable, and vote for someone else to buy you a one-way ticket to space. It still feels great to keep it in and manage to kill someone else, and it’s only enhanced by VR. It can be frustrating to get kicked out by mistake through no fault of your own, and I don’t mind being caught as a cheater through sheer bad luck, but the fun of this cat and mouse game is that subtle clues can help. Find or find clever tips and hints. It has a cooldown before it can attack again, preventing skilled imposters from rampaging. As always, a social game like this can be good or bad depending on who you’re playing with, but in VR it’s more immersive when everyone is looking at you.

VR feels more immersive when everyone is staring at you.

This is also true for the regular version of Among Us, but just having voice chat built into everyone’s headset solves one of that version’s biggest problems. Cheat, but here you become a mute ghost when you die. Additionally, having everyone speak at once makes impromptu meetings a highlight of Among Us VR. Using melee increases tension. Knowing that someone’s voice gets louder as you get closer is another way to gather evidence, and brings a fresh dynamic to your match whether you’re hunting or being hunted. You can also have someone watch you being scanned by MedBay to prove your innocence. If you’re an impostor, you can hide in a vent and eavesdrop on other crew members’ conversations. It’s even more utterly satisfying to see you do. If for some reason voice chat isn’t your thing, there’s also a text chat system that uses pre-determined quick chat messages.

There are many things that Among Us VR gets right, but the biggest downside to this version is that it doesn’t have all the same content and features as the standard Among Us. It’s kind of understandable, as it would be a nauseating disaster for many. Cosmetics at launch are also limited: a Steve Zissou-esque beanie is nice, but not a double top hat.

Even more annoying is the lack of extra maps in Among Us VR. At launch, there is no Mira HQ, Polus, or airships. All you need to play is The Skeld. To be fair, this was also the case when Among Us launched, but these maps arrived before they were really popular, so many may not be aware of it. As a result, what we have here feels disappointingly scaled down compared to the current state of Among Us. not found either. Schell Games says they have content updates coming, but at this time they don’t know when or what they will do. Still, Among Us VR’s true longevity depends on who you’re playing with. I didn’t get to play with my friends for this review, but I had a great time even in a lobby full of strangers.The good news is that there’s crossplay his multiplayer between Quest 2 and PC. This is an encouraging choice given the small VR audience.

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