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An Overwatch 2 Tracer Skin Is Being Given Away by McDonalds

Overwatch 2’s Tracer skin is being distributed at McDonald’s and appears to be exclusive to Australia.

As reported by dot esportdevelopers Blizzard and McDonald’s, have teamed up for a promotion rewarding Overwatch 2’s “Tracer Lightning” skin for anyone who orders a Big Mac, McChicken, or 10-piece Chicken McNugget Combo through the MyMacca app. Did.

The skin will be available at all McDonald’s across Australia until the end of October, but no word yet on whether the promotion will extend to the United States or other territories.

McDonald’s Australia gives away Overwatch 2 Tracer skin (Image: McDonalds/Blizzard)

If you’re an Overwatch veteran, you may have spotted a skin from Overwatch’s 2018 Anniversary event. These days, skins are sometimes available in the Overwatch Shop, but the shop cycles through inventory, so there’s no way to know exactly when you’ll be able to purchase them. As such, McDonald’s promotions are currently the only surefire way to obtain skins, at least for Australian players.

Other publishers have made similar deals in the past, often resulting in digital product codes being sold online for huge sums of money. Fortnite’s Merry Mint pickaxe, for example, will be available during her 2019 holiday period for those who purchase her Fortnite merchandise at certain retailers, and those codes currently retail for over $100.

Overwatch 2 launched on October 4th, but as is often the case with online games, the launch was rocky, with some fans unable to play the game at all.

Blizzard’s servers were plagued with DDoS attacks, resulting in long waits for players trying to play early. Further issues have also arisen as a result of the new Blizzard policy requiring players to connect a phone number to their account before playing.

This requirement was implemented as a security feature, but Blizzard quickly backtracked and removed the feature for most players, requiring only players with new accounts to attach a phone number. Further controversy arose when fans using the package were unable to play Overwatch 2 because it was deemed unsuitable for the service.

However, the game is relatively calm right now, and Blizzard said it won’t implement any balance updates until Season 2 begins in December.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He talks about witchers all day long.

Editor’s Note: This article previously stated that the Tracer skin was exclusive to McDonald’s. Updated to reflect the origin of skin as anniversary cosmetics in 2018.

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