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Analysts Estimate TSMC’s 3nm Yields Between 60% and 80%

TSMC started mass production of chips based on the first N3 (3nm class) manufacturing process a few months after Samsung Foundry started mass production using the 3GAE (3nm class, gate-all-around early) node. However, TSMC’s yields have reportedly improved dramatically. business next Although citing various industry analysts and experts, TSMC has not confirmed the report.

Semiconductor analysts and experts interviewed by Business Next estimate TSMC’s N3 yields are currently at a low of 60% to 70% and a high of 75% to 80%, which is the first Very good as a batch.Financial analyst Dan Naishtedt, meanwhile, said: murmured According to the media, TSMC’s current N3 yield is similar to that of N5 in its early days and could be as high as 80%.

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