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Apex Legends Season 15: Catalyst Lore Explained

Apex Legends Next season of Eclipse has revealed a new Legend, Catalyst. We got a lore trailer that reveals Catalyst’s backstory and motivations for joining the Apex games. Here’s everything you need to know about the Catalyst background, in case you missed it.

Catalyst came from the planet Boreas. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same planet Thea came from. In a nutshell, we saw Boreas’ long history of environmental problems in the Xia lore trailer, Metamorphosis. Boreas’ moon Cleo was shattered by a meteor, weakening it and exposing Boreas to meteor showers, tidal turbulence, and temperature fluctuations. It turns out that the gravitational pull of the moon is very important for the planet.

A new atmosphere was created and a stasis net was placed on the lunar surface to hold its structure and try to stop the damage and catastrophe of Boreas below. Shortly after Seer left the planet for the Apex Games, Hammond confirmed that he traveled to Boreas to find and dig natural resources. I found it harvesting.

This is where Catalyst comes in. Teenage Catalyst aka Tressa Crystal Smith and her sisters’ friends were outspoken about the damage Hammond was doing to their planet and prayed for the moon’s survival. Tressa and her friend Margo connected by finding their place in the world when Catalyst had just transitioned and felt more of themselves. Yes, if you picked up that note, it confirms that Catalyst is the first trans female character in her Apex!As a nice fun fact, she was created with the help of representatives of GLAAD and is trans brought to life by voice actors.

One night, Catalyst and Margo sneak into Hammond’s drilling site to delay resource extraction when Margo overdoes it with explosives. When she narrowly escaped imprisonment, either the catalyst was introduced into the ferrofluid or she was killed by a specter when she touched the substance and threw her enemies inside. Catalyst himself has not admitted to knowing what happened to Margo.

After the events of Sabotage, Catalyst fled to join the crew working on Project Broken Moon, a terraforming project to save the Moon. The Boreas Science Division was able to make Cleo a habitable environment years later, and in its work to restore and preserve the Moon, Catalyst discovered a way to manipulate ferrofluids to make better use of it. Similar to efforts to heal Cleo, a syndicate came to take advantage of the newly livable space. announced to take over.

Enraged by this turn of events, Catalyst entered the game to defend his homeworld and protect the planet’s moon. The Prophet was delighted to see his brethren of Boreas join the game, but the Catalyst was less than thrilled to see him. So there are some very interesting in-game interactions with Catalyst teammates. But we’ll have to play the next season to see what happens to her story.

Are you excited for the new season? What do you think of the new locations and legends? Let us know! For more Apex Legends Eclipse news, be sure to stay tuned to IGN as we’ll be updating you on all the latest changes for the new season over the next week.

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