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Apex Legends Season 17: Ballistic Abilities and All Patch Notes Explained

Apex Legends Season 17 (Arsenal) arrives on May 9th, introducing all-new Legends, major map changes to World’s Edge, new firing ranges, Weapon Mastery, and an overhauled Rank system. Every season, Respawn aims to improve Apex and bring meaningful updates to it, and Season 17 looks to be a particularly ambitious one, with everything coming to Apex Legends Arsenal on May 9. Here’s everything you need to know about

First, let’s talk about the new Legend, Ballistic. There’s another lore video for him that you can watch on this channel.Because Ballistic is an Assault Legend, you get the passive benefit of unlocking class-specific Assault bins throughout the map, Additionally, you can carry more ammo per stack in your inventory.

Here’s how Ballistic’s kit works:

  • Passive: Sling
    • Ballistic can carry a third weapon in inventory without attachments.
  • Tactics: Whistler
    • ballistic shoot smart ammo projectile to enemies that apply Weapon overheat debuffAn indicator in the affected enemy’s hud shows how many shots the gun can take before overheating and pausing firing for a short cooldown animation.Whistler is lock on You can dodge it by tactically removing your line of sight.
    • If Whistler misses, it’s rremain on the floor or on the surface of the area (like Ash’s tactic) and if the enemy encounters it, it deal 5 damage.
    • Whistler deals 20 damage + 30 additional damage on hit If the enemy overheats the weapon.
  • Ultimate: Tempest
    • ballistic deployment Area of ​​effect buff Allow them to him and his nearby teammates Unlimited ammo, faster movement speed, faster reloadTempest is also temporarily in his third gun become (unattached) golden full weapon During Ultimate.
    • The charge time for Tempest is about 3 minutes. Tempest lasts 30 seconds.
    • Tempest’s ultimate time is Extended if you get a kill It’s like Bloodhound’s ultimate while it’s buffed.

Ballistic is an incredibly powerful Assault Legend that is sure to change the game.As an additional note, the weapon Ballistics puts in his sling slot can be switched with any weapon in his inventory However, that weapon loses all attachments You’ll also need to loot the previous sling weapon attachment unless the swapped gun attachment matches the sling weapon.

Weapon Mastery is a new way to level up and earn additional achievements in Season 17 Apex. Similar to how Call of Duty does Weapon Camo Challenges, Apex’s Weapon Mastery includes specific challenges.Level up your weapons to unlock new Weapon Trackers, Banner Frames and Legendary Skins For each weapon as you master them.

All weapons start at level 1 in Season 17, even for longtime players. Weapons level up as you play the game, but levels don’t reset when the season changes.every day 20 levels, unlocks trial versions of weapons and rewards for completing them.once you hit level 100 For weapons, get the legendary skin for that weapon.

World’s Edge is getting a major rework for its Season 17 update. Fragment East and West (the Point of Interest in the center of the map) has undergone a facelift with the addition of new POIs planted on the site. Monument, Museum of Apex LegendsThe museum has real-life exhibits detailing the history of the Apex games and features an almost bunker-like structure with a sniper nest accessed via a zipline inside the museum.

of warehouse from fragment also moved to Where Lava City used to bebetween Dome and Big Mode, called Stack. Lava rose all over the map Now that you can move over it, there are no more chasms. For example, the lava under the Harvester has risen so it no longer falls in the middle. There’s also a new central section with additional loot.

A new work has also been released Added Vault to Skyhook Improved loot around World’s Edge, trial changed Also improves loot health.of map rotation for season 17 World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, OlympusPlus, the Mirage Party Boat Mirage a Trois now resides permanently only in World’s Edge.

there is something new A survival item called the Evac TowerIt’s a mobile redeploy that can be set anywhere on the map. Redeploy the balloon For you and your team to use. As the Evac Tower rises, it can be seen by anyone in the area as the rocket deploys upwards to position and anchor the tower.

This tower is not permanent and disappears after a certain amount of time. Also, be careful when using the tower to escape, as it can be destroyed if you or an enemy shoots the balloon. Valkyrie’s ultimate is still the better choice, but at least this option is available if you don’t have Valk on your team.

The shooting range got a pretty decent change last season with customizable dummies and hitfire feedback, but now it’s been reworked to be even bigger. Reworked from the ground up as a real map with multiple buildings and environments created to create a simulated battlefield for the game.

We’ve added a dedicated 1v1 duel pit, a new agility course, and an all-new town-sized map. The loot layout has been adjusted so you can practice grabbing loot from the deathbox (this is great for practicing shield swaps). Agility courses let you practice sliding, ziplining, jumping, climbing, wall bouncing, or whatever you want to do in the arena.

Dummies can be customized with feedback on the appearance of the spray pattern, but have improved targeting across the map. They light up in different colors and give you feedback on where you hit them. Track every practice by turning on dynamic stats that can be reset at any time.

new rank system

The Rank system has been overhauled for how matchmaking and entry costs work.In season 17 you must complete 10 placement matches to assign rankFrom that rank you can hone to reach the level you want. Hidden MMR.

Placement Match helps you understand your base skill level and places you in ranks the system thinks you’ll enjoy climbing up. Rank Points are now called Ladder Points Because you climb the ladder and move up the ranks. There will be no more splits and each season will be a full ranked season.

All LP costs are the same for participating in ranked matches, regardless of rank.Flat rate 35 LP to enter a match Kill points are the same for individual and team KP.

Apex Legends Season 17 will release on May 9th with all these changes. What are you most looking forward to? tell us! Subscribe to IGN’s Apex Legends games category for all the latest his Apex news.

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