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Apple to Buy 3D NAND Memory from Chinese YMTC

Apple has reportedly approved 3D NAND flash manufactured by Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp., which it plans to use in its upcoming iPhone 14 smartphones. The move is a strong win for his YMTC and will ensure a steady supply of flash memory for Apple’s next-generation products.

For now, it is reported that Yangtze Memory will supply Apple 3D NAND for the upcoming iPhone 14 handsets. business koreaSince smartphones are Apple’s most popular product, Apple needs large amounts of DRAM and NAND for smartphones. Ultimately, though, Apple may use his YMTC memory for other products. YMTC, for example, has launched very competitive products such as the company’s latest family of 6-plane 3D NAND chips featuring his Xtacking 3.0 architecture and interface speeds of 2400 MT/s. These chips may finally deliver some of the best of his SSDs.

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