Aptos engineer – first 24 hours blockchain performance indicates chain “isn’t even breaking a sweat”


Following the recent launch of the Aptos blockchain, much has been said about the plunge carried out by the native Aptos token. According to CoinGecko data, the token fell from a high of $13.73 to a low of $6.75. But Aptos founding engineer Josh Lind also gave his thoughts on the overall performance of the chain in his first 24 hours.

Aptos trading chart

Aptos boot stats

Lind presented a multithreaded breakdown of relevant stats for the first 24 hours of the Aptos blockchain. The data presented shows that “the blockchain is running smoothly.

Other major highlights include:

  • 2.5 million transactions made
  • Over 570,000 daily active users
  • Transaction finality was 0.9 seconds
  • 102 validators, 140 full validator nodes, and over 2,000 full public nodes

Lind summarized the analysis by saying, “We expect more application and user traffic” as the network “components are showing signs of stress.”

PancakeSwap deploying to Aptos

Network performance has not gone unnoticed by other blockchain projects. PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on the Binance BNB chain, suggestion Launch the DEX tool in Aptos. The proposed update would allow CAKE to be deployed natively on the Aptos blockchain by utilizing the bridge to allow CAKE holders to “join both chains”.

As of October 22, 97.62% of votes are in favor of the proposal, with less than 24 hours left. So PancakeSwap’s first multi-chain proposal could make it through the weekend. Accepting the bid will allow the PancakeSwap team to begin deployment on his Aptos and open the swap on the new chain.

Overall reaction to Aptos launch

Additional web3 projects also demonstrate support for the Aptos blockchain. fox wallet announced that it will support the Aptos mainnet while issuing a competition to receive the APT airdrop. Aptos Foundation We also announced several other partnerships, including Momentum Safe, Souffle3, Pyth and Hippo.

In addition to support from DEXs and wallets, Aptos will influx Percentage of NFT creators who launched a project on the chain within day one. Additionally, countless projects appeared to take advantage of APT airdrops by offering various contests with prizes issued in APT tokens.

token pocket To demonstrate the scale of early blockchain development, we have published an overview of the Aptos ecosystem in its current state.

Aptos ecosystem
Source: Token Pocket

Please read the entire thread.

Lind’s threads can be perfectly sorted on his Twitter account.

Lind updated further on October 22nd, saying that he was happy to see the chain spike up to 850 transactions per second.

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