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Arctic Launches MX-6 Thermal Paste With 20 Percent Performance Uplift

The Arctic is officially its MX-6 thermal paste Series readily available directly or via Amazon. Arctic, the successor to the popular MX-5, reveals that the new substance is a “proven MX-4-based” formula. MX-6’s main boast is that it “delivered up to 20% better performance” and increased viscosity.

We first heard that Arctic was developing an MX-6 thermal paste in September, following the Arctic MX-5 being discontinued, as flagged on the company’s website. That’s what I mean. MX-5 has quickly become the top of Arctic’s thermal paste product stack. It just came out in 2021 and lived with the MX-4 for life.

north pole MX-6 MX-5 MX-4
viscosity 45,000 poise 550 poise 870 poise
density 2.6g/cm³ 3.2g/cm³ 2.5g/cm³
Continuous use temperature -50~150℃ -40~180℃ -50~150℃
volume resistivity 1.8×10 12Ω cm 1.9×10 12Ω cm 3.8×10 12Ω・cm
breakdown voltage 7.5kV/mm 250V/mm none

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