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Arm-Based Laptops Will Make Up 13.9% of the Market in 2023

Arm processor architectures continue to make inroads into the laptop market and are expected to hold 13.9% of the laptop market share by 2023. Reported by DigiTimesThis may not sound like much, but such an achievement is almost a 10x improvement over 2020, when Arm-powered laptops accounted for just 1.4% of the market share. means

The DigiTimes report also identified a second post-pandemic trend in the laptop industry. This is not too surprising given the initial trend.

(Image credit: DigiTimes)

Things could improve for Arm-based laptops, but the overall laptop market is currently being held back by a number of macroeconomic factors. To the overall IT market slump and post-pandemic sales slump, as well as recession and inflation.

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