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Arm SoCs to Grab 30% of PC Market by 2026: Analyst

Apple’s rapid move to Arm-based systems-on-a-chip shows the industry how quickly such a switch can be possible if designed correctly. Canalys analysts believe Arm’s architecture is advancing so quickly that Arm-powered SoCs will take him a sizeable share of the PC market and half of his cloud server market in just four years. . But not everyone in the industry is so optimistic.

“In 2026, four years from 2050, half of cloud processors will be ARM-based and 30% of PCs will be ARM-based,” said Steve Brazier, president and CEO of market research firm Canalys. says at the event Digi Times (opens in new tab)“This is an extraordinary event, an industry-changing event, and it is not being taken seriously enough.

30% of PCs by 2026

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