Art Gobblers trading volume surges as floor price spikes


A new free NFT collection, Art Gobblers, saw a significant increase in trading volume, surpassing well-known collections like Bored Ape in the last 24 hours.

According to OpenSea data, Art Gobblers’ ETH trading volume was 6928 ($11 million) in the last 24 hours, more than 10 times higher than Bored Ape and CryptoPunk. The numbers are staggering considering the collection began its casting on October 31st.

On the other hand, Wu Blockchain report Exceeded 12,000 ETH in trading volume of the NFT collection.Sisyphos I got it There was a trading volume of over 3,000 ETH in 20 minutes when the lowest price in the collection was 12 ETH, indicating that 250 created NFTs were moved.

NFTStatistics also noted that the collection was in the top 10 for total ETH volume in October despite only being around for 50 minutes.

At press time, the collection has a starting price of 14.2 ETH ($22,578) and has 1092 owners.

What is the Art Gobblers NFT Collection?

Art Gobblers is an NFT collection created by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and backed by venture capital firm Paradigm.

The goal of the collection is to create a decentralized art factory using GOO tokens, NFTs and their community. The issuance was free, but the whitelisted investor needed his GOO tokens to complete the issuance process.

Each NFT will act as an on-chain transferable art gallery, allowing NFT owners to “digest” artwork created on the project website to create a curated transferable collection.

Gobbler faces community criticism

Some crypto community members have criticized the collection, stating that most of those on the whitelist are crypto influencers.

Founder of Plague NFT Pons Asinorum Said:

“NFT influencers who slammed founders against 0% royalties were challenged to make $20,000 at the Art Gobblers mint, expecting them to ‘work for free’. I am asking people if they are.”

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