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ASRock X670E Motherboards Listed With Sub-$300 Price Tag

Two European retailers on Wednesday listed ASRock’s family of motherboards based on AMD’s X670E chipset and designed for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 series processors. (opens in new tab)However, unlike all AMD X670E powered mainboards we’ve encountered so far, some of ASRock’s X670E platforms aren’t prohibitively expensive, according to two retailers.

For AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors in AM5 (opens in new tab) ASRock offers five motherboards based on AMD’s X670 Extreme chipset. As the company revealed in his early August, it will not be offering standard his X670 platform at this time. (opens in new tab)Instead, the family includes two dreadnoughts, the X670E Taichi Carrara and X670E Taichi mainboards, aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers with no budget limit, and the X670E Steel Legend, X670E Pro RS, and The X670E PG Lightning is for everyone else.

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