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ASRock’s New Mini-PCs Target Workstation To NAS Users And Everyone In Between

ASRock recently announced its strategy. Partnership with Topfeel Produces several lines of mini PCs for different market segments. The result of this collaboration is six new product lines: DeskMix, DeskMff, DeskNAS, DeskMic, DeskAIO and DeskMax.

The DeskMix and DeskMax series cater to workstation users, while the DeskMic and DeskMff are designed for mainstream consumers. On the other hand, DeskAIO and DeskNAS are specifically targeted at HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) groups respectively. New Mini PC (via) momomo_us) is available for Intel and AMD processors. They come in a base configuration and minimal presentation, allowing consumers to customize the device to their specific needs.

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