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ASRock’s Side Panel Turns Your Case Into a Secondary Display

As shared by On Twitter of @momomo_us, (opens in new tab) ASRock has developed a new accessory for PC builders that turns a PC chassis side panel into an LCD monitor. This gadget is a 13.3 inch side panel kit designed to tap inside the see-through side panel, giving users an extra display for monitoring system resources and temperatures, or as a secondary monitor entirely. You can use

The screen is a 1080P IPS 60Hz display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a diagonal of 13.3 inches. This screen is comparable to a laptop display. It uses the same connectivity method as a laptop and has a built-in DisplayPort (eDP) connector.

Unfortunately, this is a problem for most PC users. This connector was originally designed specifically for mobile and embedded PC solutions and cannot be used with standard desktop motherboards or graphics cards.

(Image credit: AsRock)

As a result, only ASRock motherboards support side panels, and fewer than 10 motherboards with eDP connectors support a handful of models at best. The list includes the following motherboards: Z790 LiveMixer, Z790 Pro RS/D4, Z790M-ITX WiFi, Z790 Steel Legend WiFi, Z790 PG Lightning, Z790 Pro RS, Z790 PG Lightning/D4. H610M-ITX/eDP, and B650E PG-ITX WiFi.

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