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Asus ProArt B660-Creator D4 Review: Pros on a Budget

If you’re a creative professional building your own Alder Lake PC and don’t want to break the bank for it, the Asus ProArt B660-Creator D4 is here to meet that need. It offers a sleek look (no RGB!) and the connectivity you’d expect from a budget creator board. You get three M.2 sockets, Thunderbolt header support, dual Ethernet ports, and even a USB-C DisplayPort for monitor connectivity. Overall, this is one of the cheapest ATX ‘pro’ series boards available.

Other boards around the same price work similarly, but are more focused on general use and gaming and lose some of the flexibility that the Pro boards offer (e.g. DisplayPort USB-C and Thunderbolt header support). Connectivity aside, the black-on-black board with gold accents/branding doesn’t stand out like many of these game boards (there are no RGB LEDs). first place.

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