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Asus ROG Ally Emulates Steam Deck OS with ChimeraOS

we were looking forward to what happened ASUS ROG Alley This has been possible since we first reviewed the unit at launch. Today we take a closer look at how well the Asus ROG Ally Extreme runs ChimeraOS, an Arch-based open-source Linux-based operating system that simulates the Steam Deck OS. This comes from a video recently shared by ETA Prime, who is working on pushing his Asus ROG Ally to its limits through all sorts of means. emulation test.

ChimeraOS is very similar to Steam Deck OS and will allow you to play many Steam games on your new handheld. If you’re looking for a best of both worlds alternative to the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally’s ChimeraOS seems like an excellent compromise. ETA Prime indicates that ChimeraOS has many features that his SteamOS 3 has, so the interface and compatibility should be very similar.

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