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Asus Teases Its First 27-Inch, OLED Gaming Monitor

and Twitter post by ROG Global, Asus has announced an all-new 240 Hz 1440p ROG gaming monitor with OLED display panel technology. The monitor is called the PG27AQDM and will be Asus’ first OLED gaming monitor with a typical display size of just 27 inches. The monitor will be unveiled in full at CES 2023, and we can expect detailed specs, first impressions, and hopefully the price of the monitor – which can get very expensive.

A sneak peek gives a glimpse into the monitor’s design language, featuring the same red and gray ROG theme and the same three-legged stand as other ROG monitors. What is different, however, is the monitor’s razor-thin shroud that surrounds the outer edges of the display. This is an attribute of OLED’s self-luminous technology that doesn’t require an overall depth from monitor to function compared to other display technologies, giving the panel a futuristic design.

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