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Asus TUF Gaming 450W Bronze Power Supply Review

The Asus TUF Gaming 450W Bronze is a low-capacity, affordable PSU for systems with low power demands. If fixed cables aren’t a big deal, it should be on your purchase list as it offers high performance thanks to the latest platform it uses. Whenever the price is right it includes the value conscious XPG Pylon 450 Can compete with the best PSUs.

The lowest model in the Asus TUF-Gaming line has a maximum power of 450W, making it ideal for office PCs and download stations with low energy demands. From that moment on, Corsair decided to replace his CX line with semi-modular CXM units. It’s not advanced, but still uses a capable platform. Asus is the only one to offer a bronze efficiency (silver by Cybernetics) PSU and feature a half-bridge topology. and LLC resonant converters. Corsair has removed this platform due to increased costs. Other major brands such as XPG and Thermaltake also used older designs with some updates to achieve similar performance.

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