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AV1 Live Streaming Is Finally Coming To YouTube

In recent videos, YouTuber EposVox Report YouTube has finally rolled out AV1 live streaming support to their platform and the technology is currently in beta. AV1 greatly improves the video quality of YouTube live streams, allowing users to stream up to 4K 60FPS with his Twitch’s limited bitrate. EposVox was able to check out the YouTube Live Streaming AV1 feature with early access to the development build of OBS 29.1.

The latest addition to the AV1 rollout is YouTube Live Streaming support in AV1. YouTube has rolled out beta support for a new video live streaming standard called Enhanced RTMP. It allows streamers to live stream their videos to YouTube using some of the latest video codecs such as AV1, VP9 and HEVC (H.265). .

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