Avengers director, Epic Games exec speak on AI transforming entertainment, blockchain’s potential

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame director believes an artificial intelligence (AI)-generated movie could be coming within the next two years, according to an interview. Collider.

Joe Russo, along with Donald Mustard, CCO of Epic Games, on the potential impact of AI in the entertainment sector Sands International Film Festival.

What does an AI-generated movie look like?

Speaking with Steve Weintraub, editor-in-chief of Collider, an entertainment website focused on the film and TV industry, Russo says AI has potential for storytelling in a variety of media, including film, TV, and games. I described it as having the potential to revolutionize and transform.

To illustrate his point, Russo imagines that the audience is watching an AI-generated romantic comedy starring a photorealistic avatar of himself, right next to iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. We talked about the situation above.

“Hey, I want a movie with my graphic avatar and Marilyn Monroe’s graphic avatar. I’ve had a rough day and I want it to be a romantic comedy.” It renders a highly competent narrative with voice-mimicking dialogue.

AI-generated movies appear

Mustard, on the other hand, offered Russo a slightly different take. He said AI-produced movies may become a reality sooner than Russo’s two-year estimate.

“We are very close to near-perfect photorealistic real-time rendering, which means real-time rendering at 60 frames per second.”

Democratizing storytelling with AI

Russo emphasized that the most important benefit of AI is its ability to democratize storytelling. He explained that photoreal engines and AI tools enable anyone to create stories, design large-scale games, and even make feature films.

Both Russo and Mustard also applied the subject to areas of gaming where they predicted that AI would be used for various purposes.

“There has always been an appetite for photorealism in games. And games make a lot of money, and you need money to develop technology.”

He also talked about “the future of stories and how they will be told.”

“People will turn around and write a book about how everything came out of the games industry.”

To err is human: what AI generates, what is sacred

Mustard and Russo concluded Collider’s interview on blockchain and its impact on storytelling.

Mustard said he believes it’s “just getting started” at this point, but believes it has “a lot of interesting ideas.”

Russo agreed with Mustard and took the argument one step further.

“Blockchain could exist as an internet without corporate machinations. […] It’s not driven by corporate agendas. ”

“You will be able to control your money, control your existence, and in a way protect it. That is the value of blockchain.”

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