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Avoid Intel 13th Gen BIOS Update Issues With These Z690 Motherboards

Intel’s new 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs are the fastest on the market, but they don’t come cheap. One of his ways to save money on builds is to use the latest generation Intel 600 series motherboards. These boards will use the LGA 1700 socket required by Raptor Lake, and according to Intel, everything is equal (power delivery and cooling capabilities of the boards, etc.). You should get the same performance as the 700 series boards. (Be sure to check our company. best motherboard A page of the best tested options. )

But there are pitfalls. All 600-series motherboards can theoretically support Raptor Lake chips, but most (or at least many) will need to install a new BIOS to recognize the 13th generation processors.try to pop Core i5-13600Kif you insert a Core i7-13700K or Core i9-13900K into a 600 series motherboard without a proper BIOS, it won’t even POST.

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